The Cozy Acre Flower Farm

Let us REFILL your cup with our Homegrown Bouquets

At The Cozy Acre, our flowers are lovingly tended to from seed to bloom. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your home or are looking for a special gift — there’s always a good reason to buy flowers or an arrangement.


Our Mission

Committed to Exceptional Service

Founded by Karri Lockwood in 2021, our small business first opened its doors to residents in the Menomonee Falls area. Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide everyone with fresh, pesticide free, home grown bouquets. Our ongoing commitment of providing beautiful seasonal flowers to clients, along with our exceptional customer service, will hopefully encourage you to trust us with your fresh flower needs for years to come! 


Bouquets and Arrangements

Fresh Selection of Flowers

Here at The Cozy Acre we currently offer 3 different Bouquet options.
Our Deluxe Bouquet starting at $30, Our Classic Bouquet is $15 and our Marvelous Minis are $10.
We will also be offering a "pay it forward" bouquet. You can sponsor a bouquet that will find its way into the home of someone in need of a flower hug. Please contact us if you have an individual in mind!
Each handcrafted bouquet is sold in a glass jar which you can return for a $2 credit to be used towards your next bouquet!


Spring Bouquets

All special moments in life are a great excuse to show someone you care. No matter how big or small the occasion, a fresh Spring Bouquet is always a great gift to give someone you care about. There’s no occasion that’s not flower worthy, and we have a wide range of arrangements that are catered to suit your needs. Some of the beautiful flowers that might be incorporated in your handcrafted bouquet are Tulips, Daffodils, Bells of Ireland, Snapdragons, Larkspur, Poppies, Buplerum and many more. 


Summer Bouquets 

Once the season gets going and the warmth of the long summer sun is in full effect, we will have our stunning Summer Bouquets available for you or a friend to enjoy! We will have a large assortment of flowers to use for your handcrafted bouquets some of which will be Zinnias, Cosmos, Snapdragons, Celosia, Dahlias, Sunflowers, Lillies, Asters, Strawflowers, Lisianthus, Eucalyptus, Feverfew, Astrintia and many more. Every week we will incorporate the very best selection we have blooming at the time.


Sunflower Bunches

Sold in bunches of 5 for $10


Everlasting Flower Frames

What better than preserved flowers that last forever?! Each ingredient in our Flower frames are harvested at their peak freshness and meticulously pressed for you so you can enjoy beautiful blooms all year long. 
Be sure to place your frame out of direct sunlight to prevent yellowing. 


 Everlasting Ornaments 

Everything in these darling Ornaments have been harvested at their prime, dried and arranged specially for you or a friend. 

They make the perfect unique gift!
$8 each or 3 for $20

Interested in getting your next arrangement at The Cozy Acre Flower Farm? Send us an Email or DM us on Instagram 


Caring for your Flowers

We have taken special care in harvesting your flowers at the right time and stage so you can enjoy them fully. Here are a few things that you can do once you arrive home to get the optimal vase life:

  • trim the flower stems and place in a clean vase or jar, remove any leaves that fall below the water line

  • trim stems and change the water daily or every other day

  • keep flowers out of direct sunlight

  • keep flowers away from fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Remove spent flowers



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